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Our Story

See.Mas was inspired by what we, as Arab women, are looking for in our clothes today – smart and refined essentials that we feel comfortable in and proud to wear for any occasion.

Our founder, a Saudi woman herself, often does not enjoy the local shopping experience. Typical clothes do not fit her right since most of the brands she used to wear do not take her body type or lifestyle into consideration. Realizing that clothes designed specifically for the modern Arab women were missing in the marketplace, she decided to do something about it.

This gap in the market sparked a life-long dream of starting a business, and with the ambition to create something for other women, she set out to build an apparel brand just for you, the modern Arab woman.

Made With Care

Designing and building the see•mas brand was a slow process that took time, energy, research, and incredible thoughtfulness. Together, with a team of experts from around the world, we carefully studied the marketplace and the needs of modern Arab women. We gathered extensive data and dove deep to understand the customer and their desire for finely tailored garments.

Through this process, we developed a special sizing and fit system, not based on generic international standards but based on real measurements of real women living in the Gulf Region. We also decided to source only high quality and environmentally friendly fabrics.

We stand proudly by our mission of producing ethically and thoughtfully for women with refined taste and needs, and we are pleased to have taken the time to perfect this process.

Made For You

Our products are pieces you will be able to wear proudly each day. With excellence and elegance as founding principles, each piece is thoughtfully and locally designed with refined wearability as a guiding light.

Made for the busy woman who knows what she wants, who cares about the brands she purchases, and most importantly, who wants to feel special, our garments offer a flattering fit, in the spirit that each outfit is designed around the Arab lifestyle and climate. A brand that understands simplicity and elegance go hand-in-hand, we consider our customers to be our compass. We listen to your feedback to learn how we can provide the best possible garments that add ease to your life.

If you feel beautiful and empowered by wearing our clothes, then we did our job. Our story makes us who we are. We are see•mas, and we were made just for you. With us, you can accomplish anything.