Refined everyday essentials

Refined everyday essentials

SEE.MAS designs refined everyday essentials that fulfill the needs of Arab woman

Around the world, we see women pushing boundaries and making history in industries ranging from politics to science and art. At SEE.MAS, we are always pushing the boundaries, too. Our founder, HRH Princess Nouf Bander Al Saud, dreamed of creating apparel designed for Arab women. With SEE.MAS, her vision to develop essential pieces specifically designed to suit the lifestyle and physique of the modern Arab woman came into existence.

Although there are many international apparel brands available in Saudi Arabia, they are continually missing something. These brands don’t design customized apparel for the Arab lifestyle. Mainly, because they don’t understand the needs of Arab women. The garments are cut to fit a completely different body type. And, it seems nobody has taken the time to understand exactly what Arab women look for.

So, SEE.MAS came to the rescue

The first brand of its kind, our biggest challenge was to create garments that fit our customer’s unique physique. Instead of using generic international standards and sizes, at SEE.MAS, we use our own sizing scale based on the Arab woman's body. Through this customization, we assure you that when you buy one of our essential pieces, the fit will always be satisfying.

Our second biggest challenge was wearability. We know the Saudi Arabian and Arab Gulf environment is completely different from the rest of the world, so we need fabrics that are appropriate for our arid weather. We also know your lifestyle and the need for clothes that make you feel comfortable and look beautiful, even when you wear them for many hours in a day as you work, go to school, or meet with friends. Keeping all of this in mind, we match each garment to the perfect fabric in order to produce beautifully crafted basics that you can wear every day, for any event.

More Than a Fashion Brand

HRH Princess Nouf also wanted SEE.MAS to be more than just a fashion brand. and so our third challenge was to make sure our products are ethically manufactured with sustainability as a guiding principle. At SEE.MAS, we care deeply about the environment and the footprint we leave. That is why, we strive to make a difference in the best way we can, both for you – the Arab woman – and for our environment.

Taking great care to work with only the best international team that is experienced and qualified to meet our high standards, we've come a long way since we started. As a female-owned company, we hope to provide you with inspiration and confidence to help you fulfill your potential in the endeavors you choose. Our mission is to help you live your best and most authentic identity with apparel that complements your lifestyle with refined ease.

As women, we rise together to support one another. Every dream you have, we are here cheering you on.

SEE.MAS is made for you, made for your lifestyle.

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